Sunday, 13 May 2012

OMG - how is it already the middle of May?

This month just seems to have disppeared. I've got a few deadlines this month for swaps and some quilty challenges I want to take part in, so first thing this morning I looked up some of the deadlines. Just as well I did - my Mug Rug for Liz in the Mug Rug Swap hosted by Quilting Mumma has to be posted tomorrow. At ten o'clock this morning it was nowhere near ready. As I write this, 12 hours later, it is finished, photographed and packed up ready to be sent. Liz and I have decided that we want our mug rugs to be a surprise, so I can't show you any photos here till I know she's got it. All I will say, is that I hope she has some sunglasses, as it turned out rather bright!

The other swap I'm taking part in is the Modern She Made Swap. I did some intial sketches way back when partners were first assigned, then had to order some more Kona White. Today I looked up that deadline too - shipping the week beginning 21st May. Hmm - better get started then! The design involves some embroidery and some applique. I've designed the embroidery, and drawn the design onto the fabric ready to embroider, but haven't started the embroidery. Today I did the applique. Lots of circles of various sizes in nice bright citron colours. I used the a from Purl Bee (the web page won't load at the moment so I can't link up, but if you are interested, let me know and I'll try to send you the link) and the circles are nearly circular. Instead of hand applique, I machine appliqued them onto the white background. The big orange circle in the bottom left will have the embroidery panel in the middle of it. Here it is so far:

I'm hoping to get the embroidery done in the evenings this week and then finish it off next weekend. It will be a sewing machine cover once finished - I''ve bought some fabulous measuring tape ribbon for the ties!

The other deadline is for the Play quilt challenge hosted by Sew Happy Geek - make a mini based on a playing card and link up by 21st May - I love the idea and again, I have a design in my head, but time may not be on my side this week, so we'll see how it goes....


Cherie said...

Wooo another member of the mug rug swap! Plus the modern she made!
Loving the circles and the fresh summer colours! Good luck getting them done before the deadline =D

Kelsey said...

I hear you!! I overextended myself and the weather is so nice I just want to play outside and I can't!

Clare Mansell said...

I feel quilting guilt just reading the word "deadline"! I have a quilt I am halfway through binding NEXT TO ME on the sofa. Hope you get it all done!