Monday, 7 May 2012

The Wedding

Saturday was the wedding of my brother-in-law Phil to Jane. They got married at the local Parish Church and then had a reception at Matfen Hall in Northumberland. The rest of this post will just be photographs!

Never mind who wear's the trousers....

Jane and her dress

Assembled Bridesmaids and Groomsmen

Jane's parents, Steve and Marion, Jane, Phil, Linda (my mother-in-law) and Michael (my hubby)

Steph, my sister-in-law and her boyfriend Jonny

Jane and Rosie (Linda's cousin's daughter)
 If at this point you are getting confused with who is who then that's fine - it takes about five years to work out how people are related! I'm only just getting there

Michael, James, Phil, Linda and Steph

The table centres

Linda and her sister Aunty Barbara

Phil and Michael
Aunty Margaret (Michael's great Aunt) with her son and Daughter, Anne and Alan

James (Phil and Jane's son - our nephew -  and Uncle Michael (blowing raspberries)

The view (a golf course)

Back with some sewing tomorrow!


Cherie said...

Looks like a great wedding! Yes rather confusing indeed!
How come you weren't in the pictures, or did I miss you? =D

Anne said...

Looks like a wonderful wedding to me! What a beautiful bride. And wonderful weather. :)