Friday, 12 October 2012

Finish Along Q4: Overly Ambitious again

After the success of Quarter 3, I'm going to be even more ambitious in Quarter 4. The projects that didn't get finished in Q3 will be carried across (though will be the least like to be finished!) And then will come all of the projects that MUST be finished in Q4 because they are Christmas presents.

So here are my finish along plans

2012 Finish-A-Long

Farmer's Wife Quilt: I am so close to having this one finished! Without last week's travelling, it would already be finished. Last night I finished the quilting and cut the binding:

Binding cut and ready
This may be my first finish of the Quarter - pop back tomorrow! If I do get it finished, there will be loads and loads and loads of photos!

Steph's Quilt: this one is killing me. I just need to get it finished. But in all honestly I'm finding it really boring. Maybe I need to make myself do a couple of blocks each weekend before I do anything else. But I have bought the batting....

Daniela's Quilt: this is the quilt least likely to be finished - I don't have a deadline. But I will at least try and do something to it this quarter - I didn't even touch it last quarter.

Now for the Christmas presents (I saw the first Christmas adverts on TV last night):
Mum's Batik wall hanging. I started designing this a year ago. I started stitching it in March. It hasn't been a great success. I may need to start from scratch, but here it is at the moment. Mum does know about this and has been involved in the design process. So I won't ruin the secret by sharing it here!

Mod Pop: I joined in with Leanne's quilt along with a recipient in mind, so I need to get this finished. I have one block completed and all of the straight edges cut. Lots of curved edges still to cut and piece.

Papillon: I finished one of these quilts during Q3 but still need to get the second done. The stips are sewn together, but I haven't cut the triangles yet. If I don't get the second one finished I can't give the first one....

One finished Papillon and one started Papillon -
the two quilts will have different borders,
but be exactly the same otherwise
Jelly Roll Chain: I finished this quilt top back in March or April, and put it away ready for finishing closer to Christmas. Now I need to get it out again. When I inherited some fabric from my Gran, it had a huge piece of pink fabric in it that is a perfect match to the pink on the front, and there is enough of it for the whole of the back, so I just need to get the batting.

Mario and Luigi: I joined the Super Mario Bros quilt-along. Then decided I couldn't afford enough solids for the whole thing. I changed the plan to two cushions, half the size of the original blocks (I have some fairly daft moments) for two cousins. Mario is pieced, Luigi is partly cut.

Countdown to Christmas Jelly Roll Quilt: I'm making this for one of Linda's colleagues and as it's a Christmas quilt, this should really be done by Christmas!

Then there's some quilts for me:
I bought a Joy Jelly Roll - Christmassy again. I just love the fabrics. I picked a fairly easy pattern to make the most of the beautiful fabrics, and the strips are sewn together in pairs, but need to be sewn into groups of eight, so quite a bit of work here. I hope to finish it to use for Christmas 2012, but this may have to wait till Christmas 2013....2014....2015.

I started making a Hexie tablerunner in the Summer and really want to finish it - but as this is a hand sewing project in spring colours, I may leave this till after Christmas - optimistically I'll include it in this list - I have a couple of weeks away with work, so maybe I'll work on in then.

Stained: I love this quilt. I have backing (from Ikea), batting and binding, and I have a multi-coloured Aurifil thread to quilt it and a walking foot to do straight line quilting. What's stopping me?

Pac Mania - more curves! But also some Bonny and Camille. Though still lots of piecing....

And finally I'm taking part in the Travelling Stitch Pic using a photo from my holiday in Pembrokeshire earlier this year. I started piecing it last wekk, and I want to finish it as a cushion. Maybe maybe....

Four pieces stitched together
I've spent a lot of time recently quilting, so I can't wait to do some piecing for a few weeks.

My biggest challenge will be not starting any new projects. Which is a load of rubbish cause I'm doing a class tomorrow that will result in a new project and want to do a Christmas wall hangin using a Tula Quilt patttern!!! Oooops - don't tell Michael!


Ann Marie @ 16 Muddy Feet said...

You are not alone in the world of way too many projects, and not enough time in the day. I always say the reason I have so many is so I don't get bored. I bounce from one to another all the time. So they should all finish at the same time, right?!?

Leanne said...

I love your list and I think it is longer than mine, which makes me feel good. I especially love the hexies, and look forward to seeing all your finishes!

suzitee said...

LOL... so many projects! I definitely know this feeling, but am trying really really hard not to start anything new until I have some finishes :) Good luck!

Kati from Kati's Quilting said...

Oh boy, and I though I had a long list! :) Did you put everything out there or have some more left? Just kidding! Your projects are AWESOME! Looking forward to seeing them finished (no pressure). I totally agree with Ann in starting different projects to not to get bored with just one. Good luck and see you in the finish line! :)