Saturday, 27 October 2012

Friday Night Sew In: October: Hexagons

Handmade by Heidi
I spent yesterday evening playing with hexagons. Back in the summer I started a cushion, that became a table runner, that became a baby quilt, that returned to a table runner.

 I've now got the point where it is along as I need it, and I've included all the colours, but it's quite straight.

I spent yesterday basting some more hexies, so I stitch them to the edges so that not every row is four hexies wide. I've also basted some of the backing fabric I'm going to use as hexies, so I can have some of the coloured ones floating. That's the plan, anyway.

During the week, I had a bit of a mad moment .... I bought some more hexy papers.... for 1/4" hexies. The shop owner asked me if I wanted to sit down, and my Mother-in-law thinks I have totally lost it. My Mum asked why - because I can!

So I had a bit of a play and made a flower - it is just soooooo cute.
Those lines are the inch (and at the top the half inch) markings on my cutting mat!

I have plans to use some more of these in my swap item in the Hoop La La swap, so made a start on that too..... can you tell what it is yet?
I know - not much to go on!

Watch this space!

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aksherry said...

I love hexis and that little flower is super cute!

Nic said...

I love your hexi table runner so far. The colour groupings really makes it.
Teeny, tiny hexis.. Hehe, I can picture the scene at the shop :)