Sunday, 21 October 2012

Lots of applique to do....

Last year, Mum came to the quilt show at Harrogate with me and bought me lots of batik fabrics. I have used all of them in my Farmer's Wife Quilt. But we had another project in mind.

We found this website and Mum asked for something similar using batiks and bias strips (I'd learnt bias applique a few weeks earlier and made a celtic knot)

I loved this block and last Christmas I got a b ook full of patterns - I will be doing more of this in the future.

Earlier this year I finally made a start. I cut the pieces of batik and used iron-on sticky stuff to attached the pieces to calico, then started stitching the bias strips on top.

All of this is stuck and none of it is stitched!
It wasn't very successful. I struggled to catch all of the raw edges under the bias strip. Also, the original plan was a bit too big for the gap on Mum's wall! So it sat in a drawer for six months.

I added it to my fourth quarter finish along and yesterday I pulled it out. I decided to scrap what I'd done. I recut the batik - this time accurately, and pieced it in the traditional fashion. The finished piece is 15"x23".

I then picked the bias off of the original pieces and started it to reapply it. Today I've been stitching it in place (by hand). I've found that doing one piece at a time is better, because it prevents movement and makes it neater.

I still have a very very long way to go!


Cherie said...

Good luck with the redesign! I hope it all works out =D

Diane-crewe said...

good job ... keep going x