Sunday, 27 July 2014

Zips, Zips, Zips, Zips [sew together bag]

Buoyed by my success earlier this week with a zip I decided to jump in at the deep end and make myself a Sew Together Bag. Four zips!

My first zip attempt
Except I ended up needing 6 zips, because I didn't secure the ends of zips and the pulls came off. Apparently that is terminal, so there was swearing and unpicking involved. And a trip to Hobbycraft to buy more! I have learned my lesson!

Apart from this epic self-inflicted stupid fail, and despite being somewhat inexperienced with zips, I was amazed at how easy this was to put together. There were a few steps where I referred to the fantastic tutorials and photos from the Quilt Barn sew-along and there was one step where I totally didn't understand the fold instructions for the zipper ends, so fudged it. This is definitely the hardest thing I've ever sewn!

I can't wait to fill this with some hand sewing for my holiday next week!

The fabrics on the outside are Pam Kitty Picnic, Dreamin' Vintage and Pearl Bracelets. I also used Dreamin' Vintage for an inside pocket, the exterior side panels and the pincushion - this used most of my fat quarter. The interior side panels are Pearl Bracelets. The remaining interior pockets are a Kona solid pink, Art Gallery Oval Elements in orange and a yellow from Lily Ashbury's new line. I lined the internal zippy pockets with an Architextures print. All of the binding is Pam Kitty Picnic. And most amazingly of all, no needles were broken despite sewing through about twenty layers of fabric in some places.

Because I'm so chuffed with this I'm linking up with Sew-Jo Saturday.


Marly said...

Congratulations on meeting the zip challenge! You have a super handy bag that's pretty with it!
It's a pity about the two zips that didn't make it, but they're only two little zips, and you will NEVER make that mistake again. Thanks for sharing the experience: the rest of us are warned.

Renee said...

It turned out beautiful! You did a great job! I saw somewhere recently there is a youtube video on how to reattach the zips when they've slipped off--maybe it would help with the ones you have (if they haven't gone in the bin yet).

Kay said...

Seriously impressive!!

pennydog said...

Oh well done! I want to make one of these soon, we should be doing one as a sew along at the next MQG meeting. I'm a bit scared of the cutting out though, there's nothing I hate more than cutting out interfacing and fleece tons of times.

Lin said...

Great project Jennie - well done on conquering the zip! How big is your bag? xx

Bree said...

Looks fantastic! This project is next on my list as well. I recently saw a video on YouTube about how to put pulls back on when this happens (I think from the Dog Under My Desk blog, if I remember correctly), something good to know! We've all done it before, so you're not alone!