Saturday, 10 January 2015

Finish Along Q1 [a touch of realism?]

So after the successes of sleep-deprived-stupid and overly-ambitious Finish Along lists in Q3 and Q4 2014 I'm going for realism with the next installment! Honest!

Aspen Glow: I really, really should make some progress on this...

Star Mug Rug - I really enjoyed having a mug rug on my desk during December, but the Christmas Trees have been packed away, so I need a new one. At the moment it looks like this...

Skill Builder: how many times have you seen this quilt appear on my lists? Maybe, just maybe, this will be the last time.

Secret Sewing: it has progressed a little from this picture, but not much. I'm having a blanket stitch crisis: I don't like the blanket stitch on my new machine. I love the blanket stitch on my old machine, but it doesn't sew at the moment and needs a service. Or I could do it by hand...

Jennie Rayment wall-hanging: this needs quite a lot of applique before I can layer it up and quilt it. That should give me enough time to work how on earth to quilt it.

Baby Quilt - I'm going to shrink the Power of Nine pattern to 6" blocks. I've picked my fabrics and made the first block (and I love it) - 11 to go.

Preppy the Whale: Lots of left-facing whales, no right-facing whales. Yet.

Wedding Quilt: I've completed the embroidery and I really don't think it will take me long to finish this, but I'm feeling pretty uninspired by it at the moment.

Wildflowers: still lots of hand quilting to be getting done.

Essential Sampler Quilt: I'm so close with this - just a little bit more hand sewing to finish the ridiculous quilt-as-you-go-putting-together-nightmare, then a little free motion quilting, and binding. I know that sounds a lot, but in the grand scheme of this quilt, it's nothing!

Trellis: I'm hoping to get this basted on Monday evening but I'm not sure how to quilt it yet.

Schnitzel and Boo Mini Swap: This has to be sent by the end of next week, so I really don't have an option but to get it finished (and pressed!).

Whimsical Woodland Mug Rug Swap: similar sending deadline for this wee fox as well...

UK Mini Swap and UK-mini-swap-inspired cushion: The swap isn't due for a couple of months yet, but I'll be happier once it's progressed a bit further than this. I like this so much, I cut a double set of square so I can have a matching cushion.

Ooops - that's 15 things. Of course I've forgotten to mention that this may be "realistic" for some someone with few other commitments, but not only do I work, Mia will turn one in February, oh, and we're moving house! Wish me luck! Ha ha!
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Deb said...

Good luck with all those Jennie. Once you have shifted house and packed these away for the shift you'll get all enthused again when you unpack them. They will be like new friends, lol

Lin said...

So this is realism! - good luck Jennie. xx

pennydog said...

My idea of realistic is a list of four items, of which I'm pretty sure I will only finish 2 lol this is insane!

Kathinca said...

Good luck with all those I think you'll need it if you want to finish all these in 3 months. LOVE the whale blocks!