Sunday, 4 January 2015

Q4: How did I do?

I don't mean to sound big-headed, but pretty well! The quarter started with 35 (yes, I know) projects on The List. I have one final finish to share with you and link up this list. It's perhaps the easiest finish of the quarter yet I left it to the last minute - my embroidery - Lists

It took me a full 30 minutes to get this in the hoop and the hoop finished off. The pattern is from Lilipopo Embroidery and was a free pattern for an Embroider-Along.

Butterfly Baby Quilt: I got this finished just after Christmas and when I posted it on Instagram the recipient liked it!!! She doesn't know it's for her, so I'm looking forward to getting this one in the post!

Boat Baby Quilt: Another post-Christmas finish!

The quilt with the royal blue background has fallen by the way side. I still need to make a baby quilt, but I'm on the look out for another pattern; the Preppy the Whale quilt is half pieced - I have a lot of left facing whales, but no right facing whales...; and the Trellis Baby Quilt still needs to be basted, quilted and bound, so I'll roll this over into Q1 2015, but hopefully no further. I'm disappointed that I made very little progress with the Aspen Glow quilt either.

Vice Versa: I got it done! In secret! Right up until Christmas day I was telling Michael that there was no way I could get it finished and how sorry I was and bad I felt that he wouldn't be getting it, whilst secretly desperately trying to get it finished in the background.

The Essential Sampler Quilt isn't finished. But I've made it my goal for January in A Lovely Year of Finishes and hopefully will meet that target - it's an important part of my quilting journey and I love to call it finished. In just the last two days I've made huge progress!

The Joy Jelly Roll Quilt was finished quite early in the quarter, and I was looking forward to having it on the sofa over Christmas. It was finished: quilted, bound. And then I washed it. And it shrunk horrifically. You can read about the disaster here. I have now started unquilting it. So don't be surprised if this reappears on a list, because one day I will finish unquilting it, and I will replace the wadding, and I will requilt it and bind it. But don't hold your breath.

Mix Tape Quilt: this was another early finish. It was given to a young girl waiting for a heart transplant. Chloe got her new heart and is well on the road to recovery. She came home from hospital on Christmas Eve.

Wild Flowers: I'm still hand-quilting this one and it will take a few more weeks I think. And I have no idea what to bind it with either!

Teardrop Mini: A spur of the moment start which took a while to get finished, mostly because I forgot to buy any fabric to bind it and didn't have what I wanted in my stash.

Slainte Mini Quilt: I finished this to hide a hole in the wall which I couldn't be bothered to fill in, so it looked better for Christmas. No kidding.

Preppy the Whale Mini: a practice run for the full size baby quilt that is not finished.... Mia has already claimed this quilt

Wedding mini quilt... this requires so little effort to get it finished. I think. But I haven't done it.

Instagram Mini Swap: of course this one got finished. I posted it at the end of November and got a fabulous quilt in return from Julie of Distant Pickles.

The Elephant cushion had a lot of hand stitching to get it finished, so was perfect while we had company at Christmas and this is now finished.

Jennie Rayment Wall Hanging - another UFO finished. And christened "Batik Dragon" by my husband (well, he picked the dragon bit anyway!)

"If you can't stand the heat" mini: finished and gifted. I love the embroidery designs from Urban Threads!

Sew Together Bag: batiks: this was the first of the Sew Together bags I finished...

Sew Together Bag: hexagons: the time I made this one I had it down pat,

Sew Together Bag: Owls: ...but I was kind of glad this was the last one I had planned to make.

Zippy Pouch: autumn leaves. Another fabulous Urban Threads design

Zippy Pouch: sewing machine: I love this little embroidery - I may have to do this again.

Zippy Pouch: Flying Geese: Another one I may have to make again for me!

The remaining zippy pouches I intended to make  didn't get done and probably never will now... the moment has passed.

Hydrangea Wedding Sampler: Lots and lots of French knots and lazy daisy stitches

Advent Calendar: James: I finished this with plenty of time to spare...

Advent Calendar: Ellie-Jo... this one went down to the wire!

Secret Sewing: This is still secret and unfinished. It will, however, be reappearing on my next list!

So I completed 23 out of 35 projects - I'm pretty pleased with that! How did you do?

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Marly said...

What only 23 finished?!!! Just kidding: your sewing speed takes my breath away.That's tough about you Jelly Roll quilt. Perhaps you could ask some Australian bloggers for advice about using wool wadding - it seems to be the wadding of choice there (so many sheep).

Wendy said...

that is an amazing result! I managed 2 out of 9!!