Wednesday, 7 January 2015

WIP Wednesday [Happy New Year]

So it's the start of the new year, and as with last year, I'm going to try and link up weekly with WIP Wednesday - it's a really useful way of blogging at least weekly and keeping track of what I'm up to. This week I've been up to a fair few bits and pieces, but I've spent quite a lot of hours on the Essential Sampler quilt. If you've followed me for a while, I declared this quilt as unloved in September, as it had been lying around since early 2011 and untouched for most of that time. Having declared it unloved, I spent a week working on it and falling back in love with it.
Progress by the end of September
I made such good progress that I optimistically added it to my Finish Along list for Q4. And then Christmas happened, and Christmas sewing took over, and I didn't touch it for three months. With the end of the quarter drawing near, I pulled it out again. With just a few days left, there was no way I would it in time for the link up. So it will reappear on my Q1 2015 list. But it's also my January goal for A Lovely Year of Finishes. 
And tonight, modelled by the new baby gate, nicknamed Alcatraz
In the last few days I finished quilting the individual blocks, I joined the final two rows of five blocks, and then I added those two rows to each side of the quilt. I'm using a technique for joining QAYG blocks that I will never ever use again - I have to trim the top fabric to an accurate square and join it to it's nighbour, whilst keeping the btting and the backing oversized and pinned out the way. I then head for ironing board and lay the two pieces of batting on top of each other and trim (batting only - being careful not to catch the front). Optimistically the two pieces now much up. And I add some batting tape. Then the backing. I trim it silghtly, then fold over one edge while overlapping the other, hiding all raw edges and press it. Then I slip stitch it in place by hand. OMG. The short joins between the individual blocks aren't too bad, but the long seams... I will not miss this. And there is no way the seam lines on the back match!
Don't you love the backing fabric? My Mum hates it, but it hides a lot of sins!
I have just one long seam to slip stitch! I really hope to have this as a finish soon!

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Gemini Jen NZ said...

ooh, that does sound like a complicated way to QAYG! The quilt is looking really cool though...good luck with your FAL 2015 goals, I plan to add mine as well.