Sunday, 15 February 2015

Baby Bibs [scraptastic Tuesday]

I know it's Sunday, but I've only just got to sit at my sewing machine today, and I've had the idea of this project swimming round my head all weekend. Why is it that when you simply cannot sew you have more ideas than ever? Pinterest is a dangerous place, and I've pinned quite a few home-sewn baby bibs recently.

I've been busy sorting my scraps by colour, because the longer-term scrap projects I have all need scraps by colour, but for these baby bibs I raided the unsorted scraps for a riot of colour. Part of me worries that once all my scraps are sorted by colour, this type of project will be harder. The reality is that there's a slim chance all my scraps will ever be fully sorted!

I used a template I found via Pinterest (from the Nana Company). I used my scraps for the front, and bought a meter of toweling fabric off Ebay for the backs (plenty of fabric for lots of bibs). It took me longest to sew all the scraps together - actually making the bib was very quick.

I had planned a button fastening, but my machine simply refused to sew a button hole through the towel, so I resorted to sew in velcro.

And then I made another one using up the binding scraps from the Amelia quilt. I have plenty of these scraps to use so a theme may develop!

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And just in case you've missed lots of Mia photos, here's another of my little fruitcake - I love her new T-Shirt that Daddy picked up


Deb said...

The bibs are really cool Jennie and definitely a great way to use your scraps. That smile of Mia's just makes you smile right on back at her. Such a gorgeous wee poppet.

Nicky said...

Great way to continue enjoying your fabric scraps at mealtimes! Wish I'd thought of it with my three ! She looks a cutie and with that t shirt I hope she becomes a stitcher! Thanks for joining us at #scraptastictuesday

Ann said...

Darling bibs. I used a different pattern from Nana Company because I didn't think a buttonhole would work well. Never thought of velcro. Thanks for the tip!