Friday, 13 March 2015


I love earrings. I'm not in any way slim or petite, so the clothes I want to wear hardly ever fit, so I make up for it with earrings. And that means I have quite the collection. A couple of years ago I made myself a travel roll for my earrings, with the intention of making something more usable for when I'm at home. Well of course, that never happened, the earrings stayed in the roll. Or rather on the roll because I never bothered to put them away properly.

Fast forward to last week when I had a huge pile of earrings, hair accessories, bracelets and necklaces (which I rarely wear) in the middle of my dressing table. I was late for work and could not find a pair of earrings for love nor money. I forgot to take a picture of it at it's worst, but we'll call this the before picture!

Back when I originally had the idea I had bought the frame I needed and the ribbon I needed and they were all carefully packed away. I even found them. Originally I had intended low volume hexagons as the background, then that became squares, and in the end I found a beautiful fabric I had forgotten about and made the whole thing from a single piece.

And this was the result. The after picture at the top of the post. Much prettier, much tidier and most importantly running-very-late-friendly! Why did I wait two years when this took me just under an hour?

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Lin said...

Great idea Jennie. I too have a large collection of earrings which currently dangle around the edge of a very large wooden candle stick (and there are lots away in boxes too). xx