Thursday, 19 March 2015

Tuesday Club

**I'm totally using this post to share random photos you've all seen before!**

I missed posting for WIP Wednesday yesterday. I like to try and to do this each week as it means I check in regularly and I also post about things in progress, not just finishes, as I have fallen into the habit of mostly just posting about finishes... but life sometimes gets in the way: Michael was out of the country with work, Mia decided not to go back to sleep after her 4am bottle and I had a commitment on Tuesday night that left me exhausted - but in a good way!
At the end of the talk, people came up to me to tell me which quilt was their favourite - I think this one got the most votes: it currently lives folded up in a cupboard but on the basis of Tuesday night, it's now going to live with Linda!

My mother-in-law, Linda, is an active member of the local Methodist Church and attends Tuesday Club. Apparently it use to be called the Young Wives, but as my mother-in-law is one of the youngest there (and she just celebrated a significant birthday herself), they went for a name change! It's a bit like the WI - they sing a couple of hymns, spend some time in prayer, and have a guest speaker. And this Tuesday I was it!
Neon Stained was another favourite

It's been in my diary for nearly 9 months, but by a stroke of bad luck, Michael was sent away with work at exactly the same time. I meant I walked out of the house on Tuesday night with my daughter screaming in the arms of my cousin who had come to babysit. It can't have been too bad, because she still wants her for a sleepover!

And the shear size of this quilt made it quite popular too

I decided to give a short potted history of my life as a sewer - cross stitch, embroidery and then quilting, and then to show them some of the various techniques I use, before talking about the importance of the quilting community online. And at every step I got to show them some quilts.

Some of my old cross stitch got an outing!

It took me ages to collect up all the quilts and cushions about the house - we use a lot of them every day, so most had to also go through the washing machine before I dared share them! I had my notes, I had the quilts in order, I had four big bags... I was set.

During the talk my mother-in-law and Aunty-in-law held up the quilts as my glamorous assistants and the 40 or so ladies all ooo-ed and aaah-ed in the right places. It was absolutely lovely to share all of my quilts, and to see them being enjoyed by others. And it was quite a surprise to me just how many I had when I put them all together. Now I simply have the problem of three large bags of quilts in the dining room....and where did I put the zippy pouch with all my hand sewing in it?

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