Thursday, 11 June 2015

EPP [slowly growing]

The thing about hand sewing, is that it is a slow process... there are no milestones, like finishing a quilt top, quilting a quilt top etc. At least not any time soon. I'll pop some photos on Instagram, but often I don't blog about them because I don't have those milestones to share with you. So here's a bit of an update on my favourites.

My La Passacaglia is coming along beautifully. This is my second rosette and the colour scheme is one of my current favourites - I'd love to make a whole quilt from these aquas, peaches and pinks!

I've pulled out lots of combinations for my next rosettes and even though I love working on one and seeing grow, it might be worth making up a few centres and seeing which ones I love as a way to decide on the which will be the big rosettes and which the small. Picking the fabrics for these rosettes is really what takes the time!

My other EPP love is the New Hexagon Millefiori quilt. The pieces in this quilt are far bigger than those in La Pass so this makes a nice change. I've also made a concerted effort to have a very different colour feel to this quilt. While La Pass will be bright and vibrant with few neutrals, this quilt is all about neutrals. I'm using greys, creams, white and just a pop of colour. In this first rosette that colour is obviously aqua.

But what colour should I use for the next rosette? The original plan was all low volume with different pops of colour in each rosette, but is there a more refined, classy look out there? I really love that colour scheme on my La Pass rosette this the project? Or do I keep it simple and stick with aqua throughout? It think it would be difficult to maintain the contrast and differentiate between the rosettes, but if I got it right it could be really lovely - soft and subtle.

I'm going to link up a couple of places with this post: firstly over with Aylin - her post is part of the blog hop for a new book I have had my eye on "All Points Patchwork", so I'm going to enter to win a copy - you never know, maybe I'll be lucky. Also check out the beautiful project she's posted. I want to drop all of the above projects and start this straight away. So far I have controlled myself!

And I'm going to link up with Hibiscus Stitches for Piece Yourself Together


Nilya said...

Love your EEP-work. Good luck to you ;)

Kay said...

These are beautiful. I am very slowly working on an EPP hexagon quilt made with Liberty fabric. x

elliek said...

Love your work.The colours are beautiful. I have plans to do La Passacaglia but am daunted by the choosing colours and I keep looking at the New Hexagon book. Oh for 48 hrs per day then I could keep up.

Lin said...

Great work Jennie. xx

Pamela said...

Interesting patterns and pretty fabrics!

Unknown said...

OMG ... i love the colors and the pattern. It is a great work.
Greatings Angie

Anthea said...

Jennie you have a wonderful eye for putting colours together, they look fantastic!
Good luck with both of those projects & I look forward to seeing them progress... thanks for linking up to PYT!