Wednesday, 10 June 2015

WIP Wednesday [shhhh]

Shhhh! It's all about low volume over here today. I pulled it all out of the cupboard and I've been cutting like a mad woman. I have three projects in mind: one massive, one complex and one small and achievable.

On Saturday I'm going to a class with Katy Jones: we're making the pixelated heart from one of the early issues of Quilt Now. It requires over 200 squares of background fabric, and rather than follow the pattern and cut the background from one fabric and the feature fabrics from a further seven, I'm going rainbow scrappy. And bigger than the original. So I need over 400 squares of low volume. I reckon I'm cutting from about 150 different fabrics  that's a lot of re-folding, never mind the cutting. I'm looking forward to Saturday and hopefully I'll have a fair chunk of quilt top finished by the evening to share with you. If I finish the cutting, that is.

And whilst I have all that fabric out and unfolded, I might as well cut all the low volume pieces I need for the My Small World quilt. This quilt is an interesting combination of sampler quilt, which I love, and scrappy riot of colour, which I think I'm going to find harder. I pieced together some of the first section tonight.

Is it wrong that I'm already thinking about how to make this quilt bigger?

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Paula said...

I think the Small World Quilt would look wonderful no matter how big it got. It's such a cute design that you could honestly never have enough of it.

Laura said...

I'm really loving all the Low Volume things I'm seeing lately! That pixelated pattern sounds like a lot of work, but a lot of fun, too!

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