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WIP Wednesday [Gravity]

I'm totally addicted to these blocks! I've had the kit since February, and had hoped to follow along with Myra's quilt along, but with the house move, I just never got round to opening the fabrics up. Until last week, when, on the same day, I read Myra's latest post, and opened the box I had packed the kit in. Well, if the planets are going to align like that, there's only one thing for it. I made blocks 1 and blocks 2 at the weekend... and then kept going with blocks 3, 4 and 5. That makes a total of 10 blocks! Here they are all together:

And some close ups: Block 3: Orbit: A pink one...

And a turquoise one

And, of course, the baby ones!

Block 4: Intergalactic: a lime one

And a purple one.

And the baby ones.

And block 5: Celestial: a green one

And a pink one.

And the baby ones.

I've now successfully managed to create baby blocks in three different sizes.... pretty special. I don't really have a plan for them yet, so once I've made them all, I'll bring them all up to the biggest size with some borders and then play about with some layouts. It may depend on how generous the background fabrics are, whether I can piece a mini background as well...

I'm now up to date with Myra's quilt along at Busy Hands Quilts so I'm going to link up there and over at Freshly Pieced for WIP Wednesday.

 I think I now have this quilt out of my system for at least a few days, so I can finish off the two quilts which I need to have finished in the next few days - one is a baby quilt we're gifting on Saturday and I still need to finish binding and the other is Mia's cat quilt which is my goal for ALYoF for June - this still needs quilting and binding.


Looking good with all that color. Good to get things out of our system once in awhile too.
I can hear the pitter patter of feet and the humming of sewing machines increasing as Gravity collages such as yours begin to appear! It's so inspiring to see all of the blocks together. I'm so glad I'm making one because I'd be in tears of remorse as they pop up online if I hadn't begun one. I'm going to get mine out to play together today and post their picture on Friday when the next link-up is posted.
Lorinda said…
Wow! That is stunning!
Lin said…
They look fantastic all together like that Jennie and I love the babies. xx
Oooh...look at the wee baby blocks! Adorable.
Welcome to the Quilt-A-Long!
Crafty Coffin said…
I love your baby blocks! So great to see more people joining the QAL.

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