Friday, 26 June 2015

Power of Nine [a finish]

I love this quilt!

I found this pattern whilst on holiday in December - I clearly remember sitting in the hotel room in the evening and getting really excited by it. It was the setting that I really liked. But I had no use for another lap quilt. I decided to reduce the size of the blocks to 6" (and the sashing accordingly) and use it as a baby quilt for little boy. The little boy is now 6 months old, but better late than never.

On first glance I had assumed that the blocks would be fairly standard patchwork blocks that I'd seen before: It wasn't until I was piecing the blocks that I realised that I wasn't familiar with most of them. This first one is one of my favourites, but I really liked them all.

And the pop of black cross-hatch just brought them to life.

Quilting and binding this quilt proved to be a challenge. I wasn't sure how to quilt it, and after thinking about it and putting it off for ages, I pulled it out and just did the first thing that sprang to mind - wobbly lines in the white strips. I then got some inspiration from Angela Walters latest book for the coloured sashing and left the blocks unquilted.

Binding also left me stumped. I knew from the beginning that matched binding was the way to go, but I fought against it, right up to the last minute. I had to be done. I managed to find all of the fabrics again (except for the yellow, but it's damn close), and just got on with it. And yes it was a pain in the bum, and took much longer than regular binding, especially if you add in that I had to hand stitch the binding down, but I think it looks fab!

The problem is that even though I don't need another lap quilt, I now really want to make a full size version of this quilt for me - I even have the colour scheme in mind. Maybe one day.

The quilt is 30" x 39" finished. The white is Kona unbleached white, and the blue, green and orange are all Konas too. I don't know what the yellow is.The fabrics are from my magic cupboard: Architextures, Comma, Cotton and Steel, Art Gallery, Pearl Bracelets, Botanics, Tula Pink.... The backing is everyone's favourite Ikea print. All of the threads are Aurifil. The pattern is from Rebecca Mae designs.

And this is a finish from my Q2 Finish Along List! Wohoo!

2015 FAL at On the Windy Side


Ada Kopitopoulou said...

Fabulous! Really love the bright colours and pattern.

Lin said...

Yes, it's a great finish Jennie. Lovely bright colours for a small boy and that binding is just perfect. xx

Kirsten said...

Wonderful quilt - love the different blocks and the bright colours!
*Visiting as a member of the official 2015 Finish-Along cheerleading squad*