Friday, 5 June 2015

My Happy Place [Tenby]

After so much chaos in the first five months of the year with packing, clearing out houses, moving houses, decorating houses, it was lovely last week to get away for a holiday. If you're a long-time reader of my blog, then you'll know that my favourite place to go on holiday is Tenby in south-west Wales.

We last went back in May 2012 (and if you compare those blog posts to this, some of the photos are pretty similar - but I promise I did take new ones!) and I can confirm that it hasn't changed much - still as lovely as ever! There were some important differences this time round: the weather was better, and we took Mia with us.

Having a 15-month-old with us meant that some places just weren't feasible - there are a few too many steps on some of the coast path, but it did mean some time at the zoo/farm. She now identifies "horsey" as well as "cat", "doggy", "duck". You'd be amazed at how many ducks we saw, as it seems to be a catch all for every bird at the moment. She also made monkey noises and actions (learned from songs at toddlers) when we saw the lemurs (I know they aren't really monkeys, but she is only 15 months).

And did I mention she's now walking! She had a ball walking round Pembroke Castle, and Colby Woodland Gardens.

And she looks so grown up in her high chair in this shot

She went on the beach for the first time (despite living 5 minutes away from the beach at home)

We visited Tenby quite a few times as kids and we always wanted to visit the fort on St. Catherine's Island.

Well this year, it was finally opened and we got a bit of a tour.

I love the colour of the sea. Speaking of which...we couldn't leave without a trip to my favourite view at Lydstep Head

We stopped off at Chester on our way home - some of the stained glass in the cathedral was gorgeous and we definitely want to explore this area more in the future.


Allison said...

Sounds like a wonderful break for you all. I love revisiting places - especially with small children as it takes some of the stress out of the trip if you know what to expect!

Lin said...

Great photos Jennie and a lovely holiday. Mia is looking very grown up - love the reins, very practical! xx