Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Finish Along [realistic vs. unrealistic]

This list has not been easy to put together, because none of the projects I have are particularly close to being finished. Normally I can split my list into two halves: those items which are realistic finishes and those items which are totally unrealistic. Every so often an unrealistic finish makes it, but mostly they are put on repeat until they become realistic! This time, I don't have many projects that fall in the first category.... perhaps only one. And of the unrealistic quilts, those closest to being finished need quilting. And the machine I normally use for quilting needs to be serviced...

So here is my list, and I'm not expecting many finishes. I think it will be a personal success if I can simply make progress on a few of them. If one accidentally gets finished, then even better!

Aspen glow: you'll have seen this one before no doubt, but it's a been a while since I even bothered to add it to this list. But it's a gift for someone special, and I'd really like to be able to gift it. It's only been hanging around since October 2013.

Moccasin BOM: I made really good progress on this quilt before Christmas, and really I just need to sew the blocks together and get it basted and decide on how I want to quilt it. This is possibly in the category of "realistic".

Quilt for baby: I made a quilt for Mia before she was born, and with just 13 weeks until my due date, it's about time I got going for Baby #2. I've picked out a pattern and fabrics. Need to start cutting. If this isn't done by the end of the quarter then it won't be ready when Baby arrives.

City Sampler: I love this quilt. It's layered up and I've started quilting it. But I'm doing pretty intensive quilting, and I really need my other machine up and running to make further progress.

Rainbow Slivers II: this is only a cushion cover and it needs quilting. This should be a realistic finish!

My Small World: I have a really odd deadline for this one! I currently have half my stash in a suitcase under my sewing table and half in the cupboard where it belongs. Because the cupboard is upstairs. And for piecing this quilt, I just want to grab the next random fabric I see and use it, rather than plan ahead. And there's no way I'm going up and down the stairs every five minutes. This is now the only project with this kind fabric pull logic (since I changed plans on my Farmer's Wife quilt), and I want to put it all back away when my mum comes to visit mid February - she folds fabric very nicely! So this needs to be fully pieced by mid-February, or it will likely be put away for a long time. Once it's pieced I plan on hand quilting, which I think will be quite nice as I approach my due date.

Grey and yellow quilt: This one just needs to be finished. No excuses here. Once pieced, I will straight line quilt it, and the machine I'm using at the moment definitely has the better walking foot. Perhaps this could fall in the "realistic" category.

Inside addition: As above, really. I have more blocks now, and I'm going to alternate the layout with plain white blocks to bring it up to size.

Pixelated Heart: This stalled because I changed my plan and needed to cut more fabric, which hasn't happened. Until last night. In preparation for this list, I pulled it out, made another block and tried a couple of border layout options, And I don't think I do need to cut more fabric - maybe just the odd square here and there. So I just need to get on with it really!

Gravity Quilt: I still have loads of blocks to make for this quilt, and then I need to decide how to quilt it. The original quilt looks stunning, but I'm no Angela Walters.... so need to reduce my expectations a little.

Owl quilt: some secret sewing which hasn't had any progress made on it since I started. So that's probably over a year now!

11 projects. Unlikely. Especially as I have some new starts planned over the next few weeks as well!

2016 FAL


kimberlier said...

You have so many lovely projects in progress! Good luck with getting them all done. My youngest is soon to be three and I still haven't finished his "baby" quilt! I put it on my first quarter QAL goals. :) Best wishes! -kim

mANdarien said...

I love your projects a lot, especially the pixelated heart ! It's so bright and colorful ! Good luck !

Unknown said...

You have some wonderfully colourful things to finish! I particularly like your pixilated heart and gravity quilt :-)

Allison said...

All lovely projects Jennie. Hard to be realistic when you have so many lovely options. Maybe one finish will make it easier to make a realistic list alongside the 'aspirational'?

Izzy said...

A lovely group of projects. I really love your pixelated heart and that city sampler is going to be gorgeous! Good luck with everything!

Archie the wonder dog said...

I love an ambitious FAL list (I'm the owner of one!) - good luck!!!