Saturday, 2 April 2016

#365 Blocks [catching up]

Two days, two epic piecing sessions:

I'd fallen behind on the block-a-day #365 Quilt Challenge blocks this month. It was inevitable really...  I didn't make any blocks  the week of 14th March - the time I had set aside to catch up I spent in hospital... and I didn't make any from Easter till the end of March as we had guests. But I printed off all the instructions, picked out loads of fabric and spent a fair few hours cutting it up.

Then onto the piecing. I knew that the first missing week was about mitres. Or in other words Y-seams. Not my favourite but I am able to do them. I was very chuffed with this block on day one!

And then this block on day two.

But if I never see another mitred seam again it will be too soon. Here are my newly-pieced 6" blocks:

And my latest 3" blocks.

I apologise for the really bad indoor nighttime photos.... but this is as much energy as I have at the moment.... maybe at some point I'll take some better photos and replace them, but don't hold your breath!

This brings me up to date to the end of March and adds 16 blocks to my April block total already. Maybe tomorrow I'll pieced the April blocks so far. Or maybe I'll go into labour...


Marly said...

Either way, Jennie, good luck!

Anthea said...

Oh my goodness Jennie - those blocks - just gorgeous - I have no idea how you're managing all that , so close to bub arriving!