Sunday, 17 April 2016

365 Quilt Challenge [Progress]

Yesterday, as Baby has not yet put in an appearance, I spent the day sewing. To start with I stitched up the four 6" corner blocks that go around the very centre of this medallion quilt. These were pretty monstrous if I'm honest. Lots of pieces and fiddly piecing. The purple one is very different from the original which I really didn't like, but the other three are as designed. Yes - there were sneaky Y-seams too. I used my seam ripper way more than usual and considered calling it a day on all sewing until baby brain wears off. If that ever happens!

And then I had eight 3" blocks to catch up with for the dark border. These were blissfully straightforward compared to the 6" blocks.

Although I probably overdid it, I had a great sense of achievement getting back up to date. This morning I sat down to check my colour spread. I have a plan, and I've been trying to keep track of how many blocks of each colour I've completed, but I'd lost track somewhere along the line, so I counted up all my blocks. It turned out I had made one green block too many, and I was short two orange blocks. I pulled out a green - I confess a nice easy one - and remade it in orange, and then opened up the email I received at 3pm yesterday and hadn't made, and did that in orange too.

When I had first started this project I had hoped that the centre of the quilt and the dark border would be completed before Baby arrived, however as we've progressed - the quilt and the pregnancy - it was looking unlikely. Helped by a very late Baby and a few bonus blocks here and there, this morning I realised I could be there. So I've spent three hours today putting it all together!

I cannot begin to tell you how pleased I am with this! From a vague image in my head, and three and a half months of piecing a block a day (or rather nine blocks one day and then a week or so off), this quilt is now coming together better than I could have hoped.

I've learned loads on this journey so far: I already had a pretty good grasp of most of the techniques and accuracy, but the so-called "hidden square" technique was new to me, and although I'm not sure it's one of my favourites, it will certainly by useful. I've also done more Y-seams than I can ever remember doing in the past and they will never scare me again!

It was a bit windy and my quilt-holder-upper was a bit grumpy
There are a LOT of seams in this quilt. Some of the pieces finish as half inch units. Quilting it will be an interesting, and likely needle-breaking, experience. I've been in and out of the living room with this quilt today as I add a border, and then go through to press it. Every time I've walked back in, Mia has reminded me that this is her "blanket". She is wrong. There's still a long way to go, but I'm so pleased to have reached this milestone before Baby arrives (though admittedly I would have taken Baby arriving earlier in preference). It means that I can't lose individual blocks, and I have the option, should I wish, of stopping here and still having a good size baby quilt.

The instructions for the next block have already arrived... behind again!


JanetG said...

Lovely! Nice looking color spread, hope you keep going on it, sometime, and share again. Congrats on the baby to come!

Anthea said...

WOW! Jennie you're work looks just amazing! I love the way you've done the colours like that...

MamaDoc said...

I cannot believe you've kept up and finished this much while this pregnant. It is GORGEOUS! I'm amazingly somehow keeping up with mine. I'm starting to consider using a QAYG method and assembling it in sections because I'm not sure how this is going to be possible to do myself at the end, and let's face it, after this much time investment there's no way I'm putting some generic pantograph on it. Good luck with the baby!!! Krista

Archie the wonder dog said...

It's fabulous!