Tuesday, 12 April 2016

The Preggosaurus Pouch

Yesterday I cut out fabric for three one-hour baskets. I also picked out fabric ready to cut for a new La Passacaglia rosette. That was my plan whilst Mia is at the child minders today. But all I wanted to do was play with scraps. So that is what I did. I have a scrap basket on my desk which is overflowing so I tipped it upside down.

I made two panels using any piece that I fancied in any order, piecing and trimming for a good few hours.

And I even had a purpose. I've been using this zippy to carry around my La Pas sewing since last summer.

It's a wash bag that cost me 50p from a charity shop. It's worked well, but I can do prettier! So I turned those two panels into a dumpy little zippy pouch which I'm calling my Preggosaurus Pouch.

I cut my exterior and interior panels at 11.5" x 8.5", added zipper tabs to both ends of that fabulous lime green zip and then boxed the corners at a generous 2.5" to create a rotund little number perfect for storing the little boxes I use to organise the small pieces.

And you know what - when I put the scraps away, it felt like there were more scraps, not fewer.

And the reason for the new pouch is a new found enthusiasm for my La Passacaglia quilt. If I'm not otherwise engaged tomorrow, I'll show you my latest progress. As a couple, we know quite a few people who were due around my own due date, and there were a couple of other quilty instagrammers too. I am now the only one who remains pregnant, and it's getting a little depressing. I'm generally fairly impatient and this baby seems stubbornly comfortable where she is. Finger's crossed I won't be in any position to share my La Pas progress tomorrow! In the meantime, thank goodness for sewing!

This sudden urge to make something with scraps has happily coincided with the Scraptastic Tuesday link up for April, so I shall do exactly that!

Scraptastic Tuesday


Nicky said...

So you are about to produce a wee scrap of a different kind? Congrats when she finally decides to come and love your pouch! Thanks for joining up with us at #scraptastictuesday

Mary Huey said...

The pouch is delightful -- hope the baby has emerges soon -- all three of mine were late so I understand your impatience. Enjoy the energy today!!

Lin said...

Great scrappy panels and pouch - my fingers are crossed! xx

Archie the wonder dog said...

Looks great!