Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Yellow and Grey [A Finish]

In my previous blog post I said that maybe I would piece more #365 blocks or maybe I would go into labour. To update that, neither happened.

People have asked me recently if I am nesting in anticipation of the baby.... the short answer is no. I'm no domestic goddess. Mum came last week - she nested on my behalf. I quilt. And so today I have a very unexpected finish to share with you.

This time last year I started a baby quilt. Grey and yellow half square triangles. I did all the hard work, piecing, pressing and trimming the HST units back in July, and then never put it together. It took me just three hours yesterday morning to complete the quilt top, I basted it at our local quilt group yesterday evening, quilted it this morning, bound it this afternoon and photographed it before Mia went to bed.

"Want to sleep, Mummy"

Why oh why do we leave things for so long that are so quick to finish? We've decided to keep this quilt, rather than gift it as originally planned, and Mia was playing with it within seconds of the end of the photo shoot!

So here are the details: the finished quilt is 40" x 50". All of the fabrics came from my stash and include 7 prints from the Comma range by Zen Chic (wish I had more of this fabric); Glee, Squared Elements, and Minimalista from Art Gallery; Michael Miller Tiles; two different Pearl Bracelet prints; Doe by Carolyn Friedlander; and Mercury by Alison Glass. The majority of the grey is a Pure Element from Art Gallery and the drape this gives the quilt is fabulous.

I had planned to quilt the grey sections more densely, but once I'd done the echo quilting, that drape came to the fore and I reigned it in. Not everything needs to be quilted to hell and back! The binding is the same grey solid and the backing was a bargain. I think it came from an Instagram destash a few months back - I just took a chance on it and bought 1.5m. It could have gone badly wrong (I have some browny-greys in my stash that go with nothing - It could have been one of those). But when I put the front and back together yesterday for the first time I was very impressed to find that the pale grey in the backing print is an exact match to the grey from the front. Exact. What are the chances. I can only remember that the selvage said Heritage.

This is finished just in time to link up to Q1 of the 2016 FAL and brings my total to a slightly more respectable three finishes. You can find my original list here.


Heather said...

very pretty. I'm going to share this link with a friend who is planning to make a yellow and grey quilt. She has all the fabrics and a pattern and is ready to start.

Debbie said...

Such a pretty finish - yay! Thank you so much for participating in the Finish-A-Long, on behalf of the 2016 hosts!

Lin said...

It's a lovely finish Jennie - I'm not surprised you want to keep it. xx

Anthea said...

Fab finish there Jennie - and what a darling girl you have there - she's a cutie!