Thursday, 15 September 2016

#100days100 [Blocks 21-30]

I love this project. I love making the blocks - they are beautifully simple compared to other projects I'm working on, so go together very quickly, resulting in almost instant gratificaton. Also, check out the hashtag on instagram for some gorgeous blocks, mostly far better photographed than mine.

Here's my round-up of the next ten blocks: Block 21: Motherhood

The way that central piece of fabric is cocooned in the outer fabric made me think of motherhood back when I was pregnant with Mia.

Block 22: Six Brothers

My maternal Grandfather was one of six brothers: Harry, Walt, Gordon, Frank, Eddie and Ken. All six joined up: two in the navy, two in the airforce and two in the army. All six went to war in the 1940s and all six came home. I thought that should be celebrated.

Block 23: Harrogate

Each year we go to a quilt show in Harrogate to be inspired and spend lots of money on fabric! This year was no exception. I came home with a light purse, heavy bags and so, so many ideas!

Block 24: Health

Since Jess arrived, my own health has been under the spotlight. It took me a while to recover from child-birth because I did too much. Three weeks after Jess was born I started experiencing severe abdominal pain and was diagnosed with gallstones. I've had to cut most of the fat out of my diet in the intervening months, and it's made me conscious that I was eating dreadfully. While I was pregnant I also lost 2 stone. I really want to keep this off - obviously cutting my fat intake has helped, but I've also started a GP-referral exercise and gym routine at the local sports centre. I'm hoping that little steps will result in big changes. My gall bladder is due to be removed next week, but I need to keep up the healthy habits I've adopted.

Block 25: NEMQG

A group of us are currently setting up the North East Modern Quilt Guild. We meet once a month in Birtley to sew. Theoretically. There's a lot of chat too.

Block 26: Roast Dinner

Nothing beats roast dinner - even on a low fat diet I can still enjoy it! But I'm missing pork crackling at the moment!

Block 27: Aunty Margaret

This one is for my husband's Great Aunt. Yes - there will be a block for Aunty Mary too. Later.

Block 28: Family

I come from quite a small family: my dad had no Aunts or Uncles. My Mum had loads, but we didn't see much of them. My husband's family is the complete opposite. The extended family are quite close - it took me years to work out who was who (and to be able to tell the difference between Aunty Margaret and Aunty Mary!). And the more immediate family are a bunch of nutcases. Really. We see each other regularly, there's lots of banter and laughter and if you ever need anything they're always there for you. They're a canny bunch really. But don't tell them I said that!

Just a small note on the fussy cutting for this block: When I saw that "Dinosaur" would fit, it was perfect. When I first showed our 12-week scan photo of Mia to Michael's cousin he bravely said all he could see was a Dinosaur... he is still alive!

Block 29: Sea Fret

It's definitely Autumn now - we've had a 'delightful' sea fret for the last two days here. Apparently it's lovely just a mile or so inland. But here it is damp, grey and miserable.

And finally, Block 30: Milestone

Come back in a few days and you'll see exactly what sewing milestone I hit today! And in 10 days time we'll do this all over again!


Lin said...

Great blocks Jennie and I am loving the stories that go with them. I do hope that all goes well for you with your op - sending love and best wishes. xx

Archie the wonder dog said...

I love it when the fret is down, it means it's not too hot ;o)