Sunday, 25 September 2016

#100days100blocks [Blocks 31-40]

We're another ten blocks into the #100days100blocks project so here is another round up of ten-things-about-me!

Block 31: James
This one is for my nephew. The first time I made this quilt, I made this block in his favourite colour: green so it didn't look quite as girly!

Block 32: Jessica Violet

And for my youngest daughter. The quilts I've made from this book will always be associated with my children.

Block 33: Breakfast Church
My mother-in-law is very involved in the local Methodist Church and they've started running Breakfast Church one Sunday a month. We finally made it this week, spurred on by the promise of bacon sandwiches. It was a lovely, family oriented service, and a great way to introduce a toddler to church.

Block 34: Alnwick Gardens

We live about half an hour away from Alnick and have a year's membership to the garden. It's a great place for Mia to run and let off some energy. The water features are beautiful and the gardens are lovely year round - we were just a bit too late for the roses this time!

Block 35: Hotch Patch
This is the patchwork group I go and sew with on a Monday evening. There's a lot of chat and laughing and a lot of space which makes it great for laying out quilts, trimming quilts are quilting, and cutting large pieces of fabric.

Block 36: Embroidery
I've been doing a fair amount of embroidery lately. Not only have I been really enjoying it, but I also feel I have stepped up a gear recently in terms of the quality of my embroidery - a few of my current projects have opened my eyes to new stitches and improved my skills at some familiar ones.

Block 37: Gall Bladder

This was the block for 22nd September. The day I had surgery to remove my gall bladder. I was diagnosed with gallstones 4 months ago and I've been controlling it pretty well with my diet, but not being able to eat what I want really does make me grumpy so I knew removal was the best option. This didn't stop the date of the op standing in front of me like a wall, with me struggling to see past it, fixating on it. The relief when I woke up from the op, knowing that it had happened, it wouldn't be postponed, and I could move on was huge.

Block 38: Recovery
Inevitably after the op comes the recovery. I'm not great at sitting and doing nothing, but from everything I've heard from people who've had the same op, I really do need to let myself recover fully. We've got a great support network and they are all helping out, Linda especially. The silver lining is two weeks of hand sewing!

Block 39: Apples
This is one of my least favourite blocks. When I first made this quilt, I fussy cut an apple for this block, hence the name. My parents have an apple tree in their garden. Although the apples are small they are tasty. This is the first year in a while we won't be visiting at the right time to help pick the apples, but Mia had a great time picking the apples with Grandad last year!

Block 40: Osborn Road

Where I grew up. We moved there when I was 18 months old and my parents are still in the same house - lots of great memories.

I ten days time you can learn 10 more fun facts as we hit the half-way point!