Monday, 5 September 2016

#100Days100Blocks [Blocks 11-20]

Back to this project and a little bit of "ten things about me"...again!

Block 11: Tall Ships

Blyth was hosting the Tall Ships Regatta this past bank-holiday weekend: it was fantastic and deserved to be remembered in these blocks!

Block 12: Michael

This one's for my husband, Michael.

Block 13: Finish Along

The Finish Along led by a group of global hosts is a really important feature of my sewing. It really encourages me to finish, as well as start, projects and has pushed me to finish those projects over the years which could truly have become long-term ignored! I imagine the quilts from this project will eventually end up on one of these lists.

Block 14: Mum

Doesn't take much explanation. This one's for my Mum.

Block 15: Driver and Navigator

When I met Michael's family I got drawn into an annual family holiday: The Berwick Classic. This is a classic car rally which takes place in and around Berwick Upon Tweed and the Scottish borders each May bank holiday and most years we marshal at tests. However, I've entered the rally as a navigator a few times for both my late father-in-law and my Dad. I have to say we broke down in some very picturesque spots! It wasn't until 2013 that I finally navigated for Michael at a one-day rally. As it turns out I was also pregnant at the time - doesn't seem to have done Mia any harm!

When we broke down in Churnside... (with the Cavalier)
When we broke down at Tantallon Castle (with the Midget)

Block 16: Amelia Lily

This is for Mia - with her full telling-off name!

Block 17: Cakes

I like to bake. I didn't always. I use to hate The Great British Bake Off, now I'm hooked (and it started again this week...). Every year, my Mum use to run the cake stall at our local church fete. And bake most of the cakes for it too. I always visited that weekend to help with the mammoth bake. We seriously use to buy 15 dozen eggs... This use to be it for the year, and I didn't want to see another cake. Now that we don't do this mega bake any more, I find I'm baking more at home. I have some beautiful recipes for lemon drizzle, raspberry and white chocolate, and what I'm told is a lovely receipe for chocolate banana cake (yuck). But the best chocolate cake ever still comes out of a packet - just add water and oil. I simply can't beat it.

We baked about half the cakes...
Block 18: Steph

A block for my sister-in-law. She's an A and E nurse and I truly admire her - I could not do what she does. However, she is also pretty crazy. She went to Australia for a few weeks a couple of years back and we managed to convince her that drop bears were real but wombats were made up. I think that one day we may let her forget it. But not yet! She's going to be Jessica's godmother and I couldn't think of a better person!

Block 19:Anticipation

This was a block name from 2013 - I made it around the time I found out I was pregnant with Mia but before I had the first scan. I hated this time. Apart from being sick, waiting for that first scan seems to last forever. It doesn't seem real until you actually see it. I was the same with Jessica.

Block 20: Appledore Road

Where we live.

As you can see, towards the end of this group of blocks, I've started making more of an effort with the photographs of the blocks. I'm hoping to keep that up... wish me luck. I'm also really enjoying going back through photos old and new to add in - hopefully you're not finding it too boring.

Here are some group photos of the two quilts I'm making.

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Archie the wonder dog said...

I love these blocks and the stories behind the names! It's especially nice to have one named after the Finish-Along!