Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Bloggers Quilts Festival 2016 [Pixelated Heart]

It's Bloggers Quilt Festival time again. I love looking at all of the pretties and finding new people to follow and inspiration to pin. This year I'm entering a quilt in the rainbow category.

This is my pixelated heart quilt. I signed up to a workshop with Katy "I'm a Ginger Monkey" Jones in summer 2015 to make the pixelated heart pattern that had appeared in one of the early (maybe the first) issues of Quilt Now. The pattern calls for, I think, seven fabrics and a background and in some cases more than a fat quarter. Unfortunately my stash consists mostly of fat quarters, so I was struggling to find fabric for this quilt without buying more.

Then I had one of those stupid brainwaves: one week before the class, I decided to go rainbow scrappy and cut from all of my fat quarters: a rainbow heart and a low volume background. I multi-tasked and cut the sky for My Small world quilt at the same time - I haven't finished that yet!

Piecing this quilt was easy and fast. Mostly the workshop was all about hanging out with Katy. I steamed through seven of the nine sections in the six hours we were there. And then I totally ignored the quilt. The problem was that I wanted to make it bigger - bed-sized rather than lap-sized. But I couldn't quite decide how. I'd had a plan when I was cutting, and cut enough extra squares to carry out that plan, but then I had another idea which would involve cutting more, so I stalled.

In the end, done is better than perfect, but my original idea, which I went with in the end, turned out absolutely perfect (in my honest opinion...). And once I'd made that decision in January, I had a finished quilt in just a couple of weeks! I quilted it with wobbly "straight" lines approximately 1/2" apart and I backed it with half a duvet cover from Asda.

This is one of my favourite quilts - I hope you like it too! You can read more about it in the original finish post. As I couldn't decide on just one quilt to enter, I've also entered another special quilt, Jessica's Sunrise Quilt - read that post here.


Alison V. said...

This is fun! I love the rainbow effect in the heart. :)

Paige said...

Beautifully done! Love the pops of color in the background too. And I like your organic straight line quilting!

Johanna said...

Fabulous quilt! I love the low-volume background with pops of colour!

Sandra Walker said...

Love this Jennie! I like how you made it bigger too, looks great. I made one too, a year and a half ago, with scraps and stash but I figured out how to make larger sections for the background and did it all in Kona Snow. Love it hanging over the hedge!