Monday, 27 March 2017

#1yearofstitches [Week 12]

Another week gone. We spent a lovely weekend in The Lake District, last weekend and I stitched up some Chevron stitch and embellished it - vaguely reminiscent of the mountains....

Monday, 20th March: Blanket stitch in purple and pink to carry the line from the bottom over to the left of the hoop.

Tuesday, 21st March: Some bright green French knots filling in yesterday's blanket stitch.

Wednesday, 22nd March: A few more yellow French knots in the centre of the hoop to continue the line I had already started.

Thursday, 23rd March: A new stitch today: I added pink pistil stitch to the Basque stitch flower - I think we'll be seeing more of this stitch!

Friday, 24th March:Chevron stitch in blue in the bottom right corner. I've technically done two rows to create the diamond shapes. I also unpicked the narrow rope stitch and re-did it so it's now less wonky.

Saturday, 25th March: Aqua bullion knots in the centre of the diamonds created by the chevron stitch. Some of the knots are ok, others aren't so great. If they bug me over the coming weeks I may redo them.

Sunday, 26th March: Purple French knots to further embellish the chevron stitch.

It doesn't feel like I added a great deal this week, but I enjoyed it, especially the chevron stitch combination.

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