Monday, 20 March 2017

#1yearofstitches [week11]

It's amazing to believe we're already 11 weeks in and I'm still happily stitching away a little bit each day! After last week's light-bulb moment, I've enjoyed myself this week, building on that idea and trying out some new stitches!

Monday. 13th March: Basque Stitch: the first of the new stitches. I used a blue thread to create a Basque stitch wheel (bottom left).

Tuesday, 14th March: Aqua twisted chain stitch: I extended the line across the top of the hoop, under the line of double blanket stitch and swirled it round. It took me a couple of goes to get the swirl right...

Wednesday 15th March: Guilloche Stitch: another new stitch. This one is quite involved. It starts with two rows of evenly spaced stem stitch (in coral). You then add columns of satin stitch at regular intervals between the two lines. I actually used running stitch to create the same effect - 5 stitches in each column. The final act is to weave a contrasting thread through the columns - I used green. (top right-ish).

Thursday, 16th March: Needle weaving in yellow. I think that's what it's called - it's certainly what I did. I used it to fill the centre of the Basque stitch wheel.

Friday, 17th March: Chain stitch in lavender to echo the swirl in the top right.

Saturday, 18th March: I returned to the woven spider web. This time I made it smaller in lime green. It's turned out a bit scruffy round the edges! (top right).

Sunday, 19th March: And my final new stitch for the week: Mountmellick stitch. This is a stitch found in traditional Irish whitework. I chose bright green and worked a row in the bottom right. It took some concentration but was quite straightforward once I found my rhythm.

One of my tasks for this week is to tot up how many different stitches I've used so far!

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