Thursday, 30 March 2017

Skulls Zippy [A Finish]

For Christmas, Michael bought me some fabric. It was really interesting to see his interpretation of my fabric taste. He didn't do badly! It was a mixture of fabrics I've looked at and liked but not bought, a couple of fabrics I had already bought, a few fabrics that I would never have bought, but I'm already using and loving, and a fabric he bought just because he liked it. It's that last fabric that is the feature of this finish.

It had to be a zippy pouch - a large piece of fabric so I didn't cut it up and lose the effect. All I added was some matchstick aqua quilting. The lining of the zippy is another fabric he bought - can't beat bright lime green! I use this zippy to hold my hand piecing threads, and as I tend to use them every day, this zippy is always nearby. It's bright and colourful, but I also love that it's a little bit of Michael in my sewing world!

I used Noodlehead's open wide zippered pouch tutorial to insert the zip, but my own dimensions for the fabric panels.

This is a Finish Along finish - you can find my original list here.

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Judith, Belfast said...

A lovely pouch (and great fabric too!). Well done on your Q1 finish. Jxo