Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Ice Cream Soda [Month 1]

I know - another new project. And another EPP one at that! But I just get so tempted with things I see on Instagram... This is another block of the month programme, this time from Tales of Cloth, an Australian shop. Normally any kind of monthly club from overseas would be unjustifiable in terms of postage. But at just 10$AUS a month including postage, I just couldn't say no when I saw pretty blocks popping up all over the place.

Each month I'll receive papers for 8 blossoms (or equivalent) and in the final month, the setting shapes, to create a lap quilt. Easy. And they are. I love the Dear Jane blocks, which I shared yesterday, but they are very fiddly - lots of small pieces means lots of easing to make the pieces fit together. But these blocks go together like a dream. I also have to say that these are the nicest little parcels - such pretty labels and paper! Whilst I'm working on a couple of projects right outside of my comfort zone, it's nice to have this on the go as well - like an old friend,

I was a little worried when I first opened my little package, as the papers are cut from lighter weight card than I am use to, but I've noticed no difference when piecing. I'm moving out of my colour comfort zone with a totally scrappy any-fabric-anywhere look. The only rule is that the centre of each blossom will be a solid. And lots of contrast between the rows - there's no point doing all that hand piecing if you can't see the seams! At the moment, my own personal challenge is resisting the urge to include green in every blossom!

As you can see, I've made the first five blocks and all of the papers are prepared for the next three. I need to get a wriggle on as the next set of papers have already been dispatched!

The only downside to so many EPP projects is that I've had to stock up on glue. I think this should keep me going for a while!

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Lin said...

Pretty blocks Jennie. xx