Monday, 6 March 2017

#1yearofstitches [week 9]

Monday, 27th February: pink back-stitch framing the cross-stitch and French knot border. Simple but effective.

Tuesday, 28th February: I got fed up of the lines of chain stitch on the right hand side just finishing. So I picked out the same thread colour and extended two of the pink lines into loops. My new stitch for the evening was some pink blanket stitch in the loop below them.

Wednesday, 1st March: Boucle' Stitch: this one is totally new to me but was this weeks TAST stitch: this is weekly stitch challenge (Take a Stitch Tuesday) from the Pintangle website - which is a great stitch resource. The stitch is meant to be worked on counted-thread - so evenweave or aida or canvas... I worked it very carefully, keeping the stitches even and managed to do a small section in yellow towards the bottom of my hoop. Although it looks a right fine mess in my photos, I think that's because of the colour I used. On close inspection, it does look like the example. I'm not sure I'll use it again, but I'm glad I tried it.

Thursday, 2nd March: Peach satin stitch to infill one of the right hand loops. I am so pleased with how this looks. It takes me longer to stitch satin stitch as I have to be very careful with the finish, but the shean from the thread once it's finished makes it totally worth while!

Friday, 3rd March: Stem stitch in coral. I returned to the area in the top left that I wasn't happy with and subdivided the shape that was annoying me with the stem stitch.

Saturday. 4th March: I did some more satin stitch in lavender this time, to infill one of the sections created with yesterday's stem stitch.

Sunday, 5th March: Some blue twisted chain stitch across the top of the hoop.

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