Wednesday, 23 October 2019


Every year since 2016 I've joined in with @gnomeangel and her sew along to sew 100 blocks in 100 days and each time it has been great fun. The first three years we used the Tula Pink City Sampler pattern. Some of the blocks I made are now finished quilts, but not all of them. That did not stop me joining in again this year. A new pattern, designed by @gnomeangel and @skyberries called the Kinship Fusion Sampler: a mix of 8"x 8" and 8" x 4" blocks. I started with plans to make two quilts: one rainbow one using my stash and one batik one. The batik one is still very much in progress and I wasn't able to keep up with a block a day for this quilt. But the rainbow one is now all together as a quilt top.

Now I need to decide on a backing and get it basted, quilted and finished!

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Lin said...

Its a great way to make a quilt. I do love a rainbow and there are some lovely blocks in yours. xx