Thursday, 3 October 2019

Some Pouches

I love a good pouch! They can be quick to make, or embellished with piecing and embroidery and hand quilting. I've got a few patterns I turn to again and again. One of those is the Speedy Vinyl Pouch pattern by Aneela Hoey. I've taken part in a swap recently (I'll blog more about that soon), but one of the extras was "a notion": I picked up some of my favourite hand piecing threads and needles, and made a tiny pincushion, but decided to make a pouch to put them all in.

I picked Liberty as my focus fabric, and lined it with some denim from an old pair of jeans. This is the medium sized pouch and perfectly held the bits and bobs.

While I was making one pouch, I thought I'd make two. I love the way I store my threads in my All in One Box Pouch (also by Aneela) but I have just a few too many threads for the front pocket.

So I downsized the medium Speedy Vinyl Pouch (not all the way to the small size - just enough so it fits inside the all in one pouch). I love that Hippo fabric!

And speaking of Speedy Vinyl Pouches, you may remember I made an oversized one a few months back - it's fabulous for holding a long-term applique project. The problem is that I have a couple of long-term applique projects, so I made myself another: this time I wanted to focus on that fabulous moth fabric! Unlike the smaller pouches, I used wadding in this one, so some hand quilting was required.

The pieced moth is a free foundation pieced pattern from @lillyellastitchery. This time the lining is a fat quarter I picked up on a whim recently - it's not quite the right colour peach, but I love it!

And best of all, this moth pouch is a Finish Along finish! Finishes this quarter have been a little sparse, so I'm pleased I have at least one!

And a final pouch for you: a new to me pattern which I've seen pop up quite a bit on Instagram recently: the Lola Pouch by @sotakhandmade. It's a bit different with a bound zip, which I thought would be a bit of challenge. Turns out I was wrong: the pattern is fabulous and the binding easy enough and it gives a really smart finish! 

This was made when I should have been packing for a recent retreat... but it was far more important that my clover clips had a new pouch! Obviously!

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Archie the wonder dog said...

A Finish-Along finish? Oh my!!! And it's gorgeous! As are the other pouches! Hooray for finishes! *waves pompoms*