Tuesday, 15 October 2019

Once Upon a Time...

...there was a duck! Obviously!

As you saw in my last post, I had an absolute ball at Sewing Shindig back in September. It was such a good weekend! On the Sunday morning I did a class with Mrs Moog a.k.a. Lesley. She makes the most amazing pouches from recycled fabrics and free motion embroidery. I love the puffins! Her class was on free motion embroidery. It's a technique I've done in the past and enjoyed, but not for a long time. I had a plan of what I wanted to make, but we had to start off with practice practice practice. Lesley provided scraps and off we went. I started off with some words... my sister-in-law's favourite saying.

Then I tried some doodling - this is the duck I used to doodle at school - It's pretty much the only thing I can draw. It went pretty well... I added some words... I was quite please.... I added some leaves. Not bad. In fact I was pleased enough with it that I wanted to do something with it. Instead of carrying on free motioning, I decided it was better to go home with something finished than a few more random pieces of fabric with practice on. So I made a pouch!

I had some orange fabric with me, and I had bough the back (Tula Pink Monkey Wrench) while I was there. Saira from Olive and Flo was on hand to sell me wadding (soy wadding - lovely) and a zip. The lining is made of two different pieces of fabric: one was use to wrap a swap gift and the other to wrap my lucky dip prize. It really is a fab reminder of a wonderful weekend.

And the original plan for that class... watch this space.

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