Saturday, 18 August 2012

Friday Night Sew In: August

The months just keep flying by, but very little changes. Again my Friday Night Sew In started with me not leaving work till 7pm ... I hadn't planned what I was going to do for the evening and I was exhausted. I need another holiday!

So my husband chose the project I would be working on last night. It's a quilt for his sister's 21st birthday. Which was last October. I really want to get this finished beore she turns 22, and this is one of the projects I've included in the 3rd quarter finish-along, so it was a good choice on his part.

The problem is, that although the batik fabrics are gorgeous, I find it quite boring to sew. I think I prefer things that are more intricate or at least have the challenge of matching seams. So it kind of gets pushed to the bottom of the pile. But last night it was perfect. I got another 12 of the 64 blocks complete.

All the blocks so far
We'd been talking about chick flicks at work yesterday and we'd mentioned Save the Last Dance, so I put on the DVD and sewed away (does it bug anyone else that she is taller than he is?).

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Cherie said...

An interesting theory on batiks. A fun pattern though.
I love that film. These days I see a lot of couples were the girl is taller than the guy (even without heels) =D

Nic said...

Love those batiks. They're going to make a gorgeous quilt, even if the making of it is a bit tedious. I understand what you mean about prefering more intricate work. I'm the same, in both patchwork and knitting.