Sunday, 12 August 2012


I am totally hooked on hexagons! In this post I picked a colour scheme and my fabrics, and then I cut the fabric and took it on holiday. I spent a week sewing together hexagons in concerts. Heaven. And here is how far I've got

Since I posted my plan, my ideas have changed on a nearly daily basis. The current plan is some kind of small quilt with a band of hexagons - the photo above would be half of the band, with the black in the centre then mirrored on the other side. Then lots of negative space and hexagon inspired hand quilting.

The eagle-eyed amongst you may notice that not all of the fabrics in the above hexie photo were in the original photo of fabrics I pulled! I added in a load more neutrals from my "Texting while Sewing" fat quarter bundle and a couple of text fabrics I got from my LQS. There are also more greens, purples and pinks, picked up on my holiday.
The quilt shop I found in Sidmouth last year has blossomed and Pauline and Maisy Daisy have moved into new spacious, light and airy premises. I did my bit to help the local Sidmouth economy! Pauline stocks a lot of Art Gallery Fabrics, which I don't come across much in my local haunts. I got some Bohemian Soul, and a bit of Bazaar Style and Paradise (some of favourites are from this range) to add to what I bought last year. Then mid-week, Pauline took delivery of some Modernology. Here's my haul:

This morning I visited my Grandmother. She has always brandished a needle, and was really the inspiration for me to do the same. As she has got older, she has become less able to do the fine work, such as embroidery, and recently manhandling large amounts of fabric has also become too much. She stills knits and crochets, but decided she wasn't able to do patchwork any more. This morning, she gave me her entire stash. Such an incredible gift! At the moment, it's sat in a large M&S bag - I'm looking forward to going through it piece at a time!


Cherie said...

Wow such gorgeous hexies! I'm loving the colour scheme so far. You're allowed to change your mind as many times as you want.
Loving your haul of fabrics!
What a great gift from your Grandmother! (if you want to share some you know where I am....) =D

Ann Marie @ 16 Muddy Feet said...

Lovin the hexies! Jealous of your fabrics you picked up along your adventures, and wow you got your grandmothers stash too! I wish someone in my family besides me quilted. Oh well I will enjoy what I have, and drool over what you just got too. I hope you share what you find in that bag of eye candy.

Nic said...

Great hexagons.
What a lovely gift from your Gran and what fun it'll be to go through it. Looking forward to seeing what's in the bag