Friday, 11 January 2013

Come and play Dear Jane with us!

So I've managed to convince Sharon to play along with my Dear Jane, and a few others are joining us too! Would you like to join us?

We have created a Flickr group for mutual support and encouragement and egging on and sharing tips and tricks, blog links and photos. Absolutely no pressure - just fun! I always find I'm more likely to finish something if I have this kind of support!

A-2: One-Two Buckle my Shoe

We'd love to see you over on Flickr! You can find the group here

(And if anyone is techy and wants to create a little icon for the group.... I'm not)

I'm going to try and finish my first yellow block this evening, but first, I have a lot of chain piecing and pressing to do!

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Wendy said...

I have joined the flikr site and hopefully this will help me to keep up with my journey making this quilt.