Monday, 7 January 2013

Rhubarb and Custard

Lots of bloggers are talking about finishing some UFOs in 2013, and I've been making a list of all of my projects. I came across one I haven't really shown you before!

The pattern is called "Romantic Hearts" and it was a class at a quilt shop near over two year ago. The sample quilt was in very traditional flowery rosey delicate fabrics. Not me at all. So I picked some slightly less delicate fabrics and renamed it my Rhubarb and Custard Quilt! Some of the fabrics are Sweethearts by Benartex, there's a red batik, and then some unknowns - I bought the fabrics back when I didn't bother to remember names, and the selvages are long gone.

Originally this beautiful stripe was going to be the sashing - I know - a bit too much. I'm now planning on using it for the binding and I have bought the brown to calm it down a little bit! The big red flowers are the sashing for the back. This is not going to be a subtle quilt!

The hearts are reverse applique and it's made up using the quilt as you go technique, and I have quilted as I've gone and now need to trim and sash. One of the reason this has sat unloved for nearly two years is that I didn't really know how to sash it - then I saw this video (which show's Leah Day's technique) linked from Alyssa's Skill Builder introduction post and the penny dropped!
Looking at this photo, do you think I need to swap the top right corner for a block that involves red? I have enough fabric left.

I'm going to put this quilt on my Finish Along list for Q1 - I need to trim all of the blocks, sash and bind - sounds straighforward doesn't it! But just to make it a little more difficult, the back is supposed to be a chequerboard pattern, so I have to get the blocks in exactly the right place back and front!


Jennie's Threads said...

Yes it needs to be red, you missed a great night last night x

Leo said...

agreee on the right top corner needing some more red ...