Saturday, 19 January 2013

snowing vs sewing

Yesterday it snowed. I know in the UK it takes like 1/2" to create chaos, but yesterday we must have got about 6" - that's a lot. I was stuck at work and watched as it kept snowing. The drive home was a bit hairy, but as I was so late there was no other traffic. I had a little moment trying to turn into our estate when the brakes just didn't work - the curb eventually did the job, with no damage and virtually no audience!

Today I was booked in for a class at my LQS - a bit of the snow had melted. The roads seemed clear on the traffic reports and I chose to ignore the weather forecast of heavy snow and headed out. Good choice - there was no snow all day and I had a ball!

It's always entertaining when Suzy and Sue come to a class - they are like naughty school girls - each trying to do better than the other and telling other they're doing it wrong.

Today's class was a "get to know your sewing machine" day and we made a needle case using the alphabets built into the machine and programming. I had a ball - Suzy and Sue not so much - it was hilarious!

I've just home home and spent 20 minutes finishing off my needle-case. (If you are interested in making your own, the pattern is available from my LQS)

I can now spend the rest of the evening sewing - first challenge - deciding which project to work on!

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Nic said...

Glad you braved the weather. Yesterday everyone seemed to have given in to it here. I walked into town and it was very quiet, and most of the market stalks were absent. Bunch of wimps :)