Friday, 28 November 2014


Last month I shared my mix tape quilt finish with you.

The quilt was gifted by my sister-in-law, Steph, to Chloe. My husband's family knows Chloe's family since forever and Steph is very close to them - like a big sister!

You can read Chloe's story here on the local new website - in short, she was diagnosed with leukemia when she was 2 and underwent intensive chemotherapy. Aged 12 she was diagnosed with dilated cardiomyopathy. And by September this year she needed a new heart. Yesterday, she got her new heart, and although she isn't out of the woods yet, she now has a future to look forward to.

Chloe can now go on to enjoy life because someone, somewhere, lost theirs. And at the very worst time in their life, grieving and in pain, that family had to make a decision to donate their loved one's organs.

I'm telling you all of this because Chloe is one of the lucky ones: so many people still die whilst waiting on the transplant list. Sign up to be an organ donor. Discuss your wishes with your family - it will be them who have to consent should the worst happen. It may not be the most cheerful of subjects to discuss over a Sunday dinner, but it is a conversation that could literally save lives.

If you are in the UK you can sign up to be an organ donor here.

Thank you for your thoughts and prayers for Chloe and thank you for registering to be an organ donor.

Normal quilty service will be resumed soon!


Lin said...

I hope Chloe makes a good recovery from her op. The organ donor scheme is brilliant. xx

Diane-crewe said...

such wonderful news xx fingers crossed for a smooth recovery .. and grateful thanks to ALL who have the courage to honour their relatives wishes and donate organs xx

pennydog said...

I think organ donation should be an opt out thing, rather than opt in, you can have anything of mine once I'm gone.