Saturday, 8 November 2014

Teardrops [a finish]

You know those quilts you start because you absolutely have to? When you have many other things you should be sewing.... this was one of those quilts. I got Issue 3 of Quilt Now and dropped everything to pull navy and emerald from my stash - and a bit of pink and get piecing. The fabrics are Navy: Violet Craft, Domino Dots, Pearl Bracelets, Cotton and Steel Basics, Kona and a slightly marbled navy; and Emerald: Safari Moon, Pure Elements; two Pearl Bracelets and two Color Me Happy. The pink is Kona Candy Pink.

I finished the quilt in an afternoon. I've used it to show off my favourite colour scheme (favourite at that moment in time - it changes regularly), but if you were to size it up, it would be a great pattern for showing off larger scale prints too.

I'm pretty pleased with the back of the quilt too. Most of it is a fat quarter which my Mother-in-Law brought back from New York for me. It seemed a shame to cut it up, but wasn't quite big enough, so just a single stripe of Pearl Bracelets.

It took me a while to think about how to quilt it, but a certain small person has recently had some sleepless nights (related to teeth...) so I had lots of time to think about it. I decided to fmq a star-ish design in each of the navy diamonds.

You can see it better from the back. I made a right mess of one corner where the fabric moved and puckered a bit.

Luckily I've hidden most of it with the binding, which is Color Me Happy.

The finished quilt is about 18" x 18" and was from Issue 3 of Quilt Now magazine and designed by Sonia at Fabric and Flowers.

This will now hang next to my bed, where I have a narrow strip of wall in a corner next to the curtain, perfect for some mini quilts! And this is a sixth tick off my Finish Along List which you can find here.

Finish Along 2014


Marly said...

Lovely colour mix, with t he pink lifting the whole.

Lin said...

What a great design - and I love that colour combo too. xx

pennydog said...

Sonia's design seems to be the biggest hit from that issue :) Great finish.