Wednesday, 5 November 2014

WIP Wednesday [Foundation Piecing]

Totally unintentionally I have found myself doing a lot of foundation piecing the last few days: I've been making more mini mix-tape blocks for the #IGMiniSwap. I need to add some white to bring it up to size and then decide on some quilting.

I've made the remaining two butterfly blocks for a baby quilt. This is a pattern by Tartan Kiwi and is definitely the best butterfly block I've seen.

I've been catching up on the Vice Versa BOM and rather than use templates, I foundation pieced the funny shaped triangles in these final blocks.
I had a little helper

And today I started some Maltese Cross blocks (also foundation pieced) to finish off the boats baby quilt. The theory is they look a little bit like wind turbines!

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Anonymous said...

Those tapes are awesome! Totally agree on the butterfly block, those will be gorgeous in a baby quilt. Great job!

Anonymous said...

Those tapes are fantastic!

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