Sunday, 9 November 2014

Finished quilt tops

I'm setting myself up for a lot of quilting in the next few weeks. Yesterday I bought 5 metres of 125" wide batting.... the man at the shop asked if I was making a tent - I'm not sure a tent made of batting would be particularly weatherproof! Some of the quilts are barely even started, but I made good progress this week in making up a few more quilt tops:

The butterfly quilt: I made three butterfly blocks using a pattern from Tartan Kiwi and made up the size of the baby quilt using a fabric I picked up at Harrogate - it's Theodore and Izzy Mountain Meadow by Andrea Turk for Camelot Fabrics. I started off with this fabric and picked the fabrics for the butterflies to match.

Boats Quilt: You've may have seen a few boat blocks that I've made, and over the last week I've been making foundation pieced Maltese Cross blocks. Today I put them all together to make another baby quilt.

I was stretching my fabric with this quilt - mostly through poor forward planning and making it up as I went along. I didn't buy nearly enough of the light blue fabric, but by blind luck discovered that in the stash I inherited from my Gran there was a three metre piece the same colour (as near as dammit); the red is left over from my Joy Jelly Roll disaster - I unexpectedly had enough for the sashing, but not enough to make a Maltese Cross block too, so the red Maltese Cross block is a Kona solid, not the print.

And the white.... I was using the same fabric for my niece and nephew's advent calendars. The boat blocks had taken up far more white than I had expected.... so I eeked out enough for the Maltese Cross blocks - I wanted the white placed like this in the blocks to represent wind turbines.... This meant that I was one strip of the white short to bind both advent calendars. Which is why the advent calendars are partly bound in green.... in the future, I really should plan better!

Batik wall-hanging: I started this at a class in May 2011 and I thought it was about time to get it finished - I've rolled each of the curved edges and appliqued them in place. Now it's another one to baste and quilt.

And another very long term UFO - this is from 2011 too:

It was a mystery block of the month by our LQS. The blocks are nominally 14" finished (some of them are...). They've sat for a while because I made a total cock up on the final block - I marked the cutting lines from the template in biro. I won't do it again. I learned my lesson. But it's a block that at the time was a write off - looking at it today, I can't see any marks any more, but I've realised there also isn' much contrast in these blocks. I'm making a cushion cover for the maternity cushion that now protects Mia from the fireplace (and vice versa). The cushion is 19" x 50" - not an ideal size for 14" blocks so I've hashed this together.

And my mini quilt for the IG Mini Swap is ready for quilting too:

There's a few more quilt tops to finish before the quilting marathon starts!


Karin - BluePip Designs said...

Amazing. I want to make the boat quilt!

Lin said...

Yes, very busy! Love the butterflys and the batik and the boat quilt is really super. Happy quilting. xx

pennydog said...

Smaller quilts like minis and baby quilts are fun to do and don't take too long, enjoy!

Anonymous said...

Jenny! I don't know whether to be inspired by you or just give up! You do so much!!! Well done for pulling out those UFOs and finding ways to finish them. I particularly like the colour combination you've used in the boats and the Maltese crosses. Now, I really must go finish something...

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