Sunday, 10 May 2015

Happy Patchwork

I've spent some spare time this week picking and cutting a lot of fabric. Over 120 different fabrics came out of my stash and onto the cutting table! The reason is this:

A new quilt for Mia. She's now big enough to have a quilt and a pillow for bedtime, so Mummy needs to make her a quilt and pillow cover. And she loves cats. Absolutely loves them! It's a shame we have two dogs really... but Elizabeth Hartman's "The Cat Quilt" is perfect - it appeals to her because it is cats and it will be colourful, and it appeals to me because it is a sampler quilt - each cat face is different. And once the cutting was done, the piecing comes together SO fast!

pretty trimmings
Each cat face is a solid plus 2-5 print fabrics. Twenty-five faces equals a lot of different fabrics. And whilst I was cutting for the cats, I decided to cut a 2.5" square and a 5" square from each fabric too. The 5" squares will go into my charm square pile - I have a plan, and the 2.5" were just because - maybe hexagons? Until I laid them out to have a look, and this cushion cover was born. I need to quilt it, but there are so many options!

You can never have too many cushions! Have you been having a happy patchwork weekend?

p.s.apologies for phone photos - although I know where my camera is, the cable to charge it remains elusive!

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Lin said...

Mia's quilt is going to be super and I love your cushion. xx