Sunday, 3 May 2015

Rainbow Slivers [a finish]

I have a finish to share with you (even though you've already seen a few sneak peaks). I signed up for quite a few swaps at the start of the year (Instagram is very dangerous...) and I knew in advance I had to get this once finished before we moved house as I had no idea when I'd be back up and sewing. So I finished this back in March, but my partner has now received it so I can share it.

My partner, Ruth @birchandbirdsong, seems to have a style pretty similar to my own and I was inspired by her Pinterest board to go with rainbows and low volume and by one of the blocks in my Tula City Sampler cushion for the block. I raided my scraps basket and pulled out some low volume squares and some colourful slivers. Its not entirely a scrappy project as I had to cut some low volume squares as well.

Low volume and a rainbow can only be improved one way in my book: nice dense quilting - it's quite hard to see in these photos but I've added matchstick quilting parallel to the coloured strip but not in the coloured strip:

And to finish it off a Cotton and Steel low volume binding and the funkiest backing fabric (Paint Chips from Windham). I think this may just be my perfect project. And Ruth seems to agree!

I have to confess that the extras I sent weren't quite what I had planned on - but I did manage to include some Cadbury's Cream Eggs! Before we moved I started making myself the same quilt as a cushion - I've pieced (but not pressed) the individual squares...and I have enough of the paint chips fabric to back it!

And of course I got a wonderful parcel too from Gillian @busybeestitching - this quilt is all of my favourite things - gorgeous!

And look at the binding!

And she was so generous with the extras!

This was a great swap - now I need to make a start on the other three  four that I've signed up for: Harry Potter Mini Quilt Swap (I couldn't resist), Cotton and Steel Mini Quilt Swap, and Hand-pieced Mini Quilt Swap and a Thimble Blossoms mini swap. In my defense, I now have an office with a fairly large expanse of pretty horrid old wallpaper - why redecorate when I just hang up lots of quilts! It may not be easier or cheaper than re-papering, but it's definitely more fun!

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Ada Kopitopoulou said...

Your quilt turned out great! And you got a lovely one in return. I also love the binding!