Thursday, 21 May 2015


There are so many nappies in your life with a 15-month-old... and every time we go out we lug a huge changing bag around with us. Nappies, nappy bags, wipes, sippy cup, bottle, milk powder, change of clothes, pouch of food, snacks, bib, spoons, dummy and increasingly, books and toys.  But it's a big bag, with a shoulder strap that slips off and if we're just nipping to the shops it's pain to drag it around.

What I need is a small pouch I can shove in my hand bag with the bare essentials. I searched on Pinterest for nappy pouch and inevitably found nothing. It turns out the correct term in "diaper clutch". I'm so very English.... nothing really did what I wanted so I made my own up. I'm calling this "proof of concept". Which means it needs considerable tweaking. 

At a basic level it's a mini quilt, with two squares off pockets on the inside and a velcro strap to hold it all together. I was clever enough to put two bits of velcro so it still holds everything together even when the pack of wipes is nearly empty. I'm quite pleased with it!

We're going on holiday next week - I will shove this in the rucksack and see how we manage. But I already know I want to make some additions: a small internal, flat pocket to shove some nappy bags in; the squared off pocket for the wipes is a little large; a strap on one side so I could loop it over my wrist when I leave the table and head for the baby changing facility carrying my little lump; I made the velcro strap in the MOST cack-handed way ever and if I had thought ahead I could have added the velcro earlier in the process so as to hide the stitching on the back.

Maybe for our next holiday I'll have Version 2 to test.


Lin said...

Hope it works for you Jennie and have a great holiday. xx

Allison said...

They say 'necessity is the mother of invention'! And mothers need to be particularly inventive! Enjoy your holiday.