Sunday, 17 May 2015

Quiet Book

If you follow me on Instagram then you'll know what I've been playing with this weekend. I have had the whole weekend to sew, while Michael and Mia have spent time together and it has been wonderful. I was all set up in the conservatory with my sewing machine and I've been binge watching Harry Potter! I've made Mia a quiet book, for when we go on holiday next weekend - in the hope it will keep her quiet in the car! I'm allowed to be optimistic. Warning - the rest of this post contains A LOT of pictures! I spent hours playing with felt and ribbon!

The front cover is pretty straight forward... the whole book fastens with velcro

The inside front cover is also very simple - we saw the cat fabric in the shop when we went to buy the felt and Mia saw it and started saying "cat, cat, cat"! I'll be really upset if this is her favourite page...

But then the pages got a little more involved - Mia loves lions: "what noise do lions make?" "ROAR!"

A birdhouse

With a nest and chick

This was the first page I made - the fish swim along the ribbon! Isn't that fabric background perfect? It's a Lewis and Irene print also spotted when we bought the felt.

I feel I should have done more with this telephone - but the receiver is attached with velcro and linked to the phone with the ric rac.

Next up is a jelly fish - this was the second page I did, and I felt that the ribbons weren't enough so I gave the jelly fish a hat - she loves lifting the flaps - in the books where she hasn't ripped the flap off...

And hid an starfish underneath it

Another sea-themed page and one of my favourites: the whale's mouth opens with the zip

To reveal a fish! I got very bored of making fish...

This giraffe page is my favourite! And probably the one I spent the most time on. As well as the taggy ribbons...

There's a ladybird under the leaf.

This cat page was important because of how much Mia likes cats, but I really struggled with what to do - I had a vision but it didn't fill the page as I expected so I added the bunting. The water is a pocket that the fish lives in.

And then the inside back cover is an egg

With a dinosaur in it (he's also attached with velcro)!

And finally the basic back cover.

I can't take much creative credit for these pages - the giraffe and bird house are nearly all my own idea, but the others are lovingly stolen from the numerous inspiring pictures I've collected on my Pinterest board. But I didn't use templates, so I do take credit/blame for the drawing - the giraffe would have made a good dragon if I'd used red felt! There are so many great ideas out there I'd love to try so maybe Mia will get another quiet book in the future.

I think Daddy and Mia had a tiring weekend too!

And we had to remove the sling from the bottom of the highchair after this...


Elizabeth said...

Love this book--so much fun!

Lin said...

Brilliant Jennie - I am sure she will love it. xx

Allison said...

The book's great - I don't about quiet though, it's bound to cause lots of squeals of delight!

Wendy said...

I think she's going to love it! Some great pages there

Archie the wonder dog said...

Wow, wow, wow!! This is amazing! Bravo! *inspired*