Thursday, 18 June 2015

WIP Wednesday [accidental sewing]

In hindsight my Sewjo has been a little absent recently. Or to be more specifically, my machine sewjo. Well it came back at the weekend with a fabulous class led by Katy Jones on Saturday: there was a lot of cutting, but I love how this quilt top looks so far (I know you've seen it already this week).

I had thought that I would come back from the class and maybe finish piecing it. But I got home, browsed Pinterest for a bit, and started a brand new, totally unplanned project.

These are inside addition blocks I found on Debbie's blog. I made mine slightly smaller and grabbed fabrics that were already lying on my cutting mat. The plan was a cushion cover. Except I totally failed when it came to the maths: twenty 5" blocks don't make a square cushion... so I cut too much fabric. I could scrap four blocks. Or I could cut more and make a baby quilt.... I'm thinking baby quilt.

I carried on with these blocks on Sunday. I should have been finishing my Cotton and Steel Mini Swap quilt. And then I went on Instagram and found one of those "I-must-sew-this-now" projects. So I did.

These little fabric trays are a tutorial from @aspoonfulsugar and they took me just 25 minutes each to make. I know I'm thinking ahead, but a lot of people might get one of these for Christmas! You could fill them with chocolates, or hair bobbles, or small sewing notions like I have here. The orange/peach one was my first and will hold my stud earrings, the teal one will be heading off in a swap package soon.

I can confirm that I have also now finished my cotton and steel mini quilt - I'll wait till my partner receives it for the full reveal!

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Myra @ Busy Hands Quilts said...

Wow, a person who actually goes out and makes what they see on Pinterest and others' blogs!!!! Craftatonic means being so overloaded by viewing crafts online that you fall into a trance and lose all creativity and motivation. It's a side effect of too much Pinterest. I am so impressed you being a doer, not just a looker. I will be making the hexie or square fabric trays for sure, yes, ma'am, I will! Thanks for the link to them!

Wendy said...

You have to be the most prolific quilter I know! it's all looking great, loving the pixelated heart quilt!

Rachel said...

I really like that pixelated heart quilt. I actually like it as is, a partial heart. Looks like your sewjo came back with a vengeance. ;)

Laura Chaney said...

Love the heart! Those bowls are too cute!