Sunday, 12 July 2015

Finish Along Q3 [retrieving my get-up-and-go]

Knuckle down! Here are the goals! Ambitious as ever!

1. Thimble Blossoms Mini Quilt Swap: I don't have a choice - this must be finished this quarter! I still have a way to go!

2. Thimble Blossoms Mini Quilt Swap extras: this swap has a mandatory requirement of three extras! I've decided on two hand-made and one shop-bought. I'm going to start with a zippy pouch - here are the front and back panels - the lighter patch will contain some embroidery. This used all but two pieces from a mini charm, so I'm going to use those as the zipper tabs - no waste at all!

3. Hand-pieced Mini Quilt: Also, non-negotiable. I'm madly hand-sewing to get this finished as the shipping deadline is next week and it has rather crept up on me....

4. Hand-pieced Mini quilt swap extras: there's no mandatory requirements for this one, so I'm making a 2-in-1 pouch (pimped like the one I made for myself). It took me a while to pick the fabrics for this... but they are all now cut!

5. Harry Potter Mini Quilt Swap: can you see a theme developing? Sending deadline for this is September and I've decided to go with some raw edge, free motion applique. I hope I can pull this off... so far I have hills and a river - next I need some trees, and then the hard part starts.

6. Harry Potter Quilt Swap extra: you can't go wrong with zippy pouches. I hope. I've sketched out this embroidery for one side and I might piece a feather for the other side if I have enough time.

7. Yellow and grey quilt: moving away from swaps onto the baby quilt list... this is for my oldest friend, well, her baby anyway. Lots of half square triangles.... all are pieced, pressed and trimmed, so the hard [boring] part is out of the way.

8. My sister-in-law, Steph's, best friend has just had a baby girl and Steph's asked for a quilt to gift. The remit was pinks and lots of neutral. 146 squares cut and ready.

9. Babies galore round here: another old friend had a baby girl in April - I'm not great at getting these done for the birth of a baby, but they arrive eventually. I need to make more blocks yet.

10. Karen Lewis Mini quilt: I'm moving on to the mini quilts now. This was my "get-back-into-sewing" project after the move. It needs quilting. I know how I want to quilt it. Just get on with it, Jennie.

11. Happy Patchwork cushion cover: I love this - it makes me smile when I see it. When I cut the fabrics for Mia's cat quilt, I cut a 2.5" square of each one, without any real plan. I laid them out to have a look, and simply had to sew them together. I think simple quilting on this one - maybe a cross hatch across the squares.

12. Last summer I made a camper van cushion for friends, and they've asked if it could become a pair of cushions. I've made a start, cutting out all the fabric and tracing the pattern pieces onto the fusible. But this time I'm going to quilt before I applique!

13. And another cushion to gift, as a thank you. All girls love rainbows, right? I've pieced the first quarter and cut the fabrics for the rest. I hope to have enough time to hand quilt this too.

14. Getting bigger: this is a quilt I made with Katy Jones in a class. There's another third to add and then I have a border in mind to bring it up to double bed size.

15. Double Wedding Ring: Moving on to the unrealistic now! I can't have a list with no large quilts on it, though I'm already admitting that these finishes are unlikely. But this quilt would look so good on our bed. It's even more unrealistic given that I think I want to do some hand quilting on. I think I'll outline the arcs by machine, but hand quilt something in the middle of each. I'm hoping that by adding it to this list, I will at least get it out of the cupboard and move it forward.

16. Aspen Glow: it's going on the list again! I really, really, really should get this finished. It's just about sitting and doing lots of chain piecing!

17. And I am going to put the City Sampler on the list again. I started the quilting last weekend and I love how it's turning out: pebble quilting in the sashing and custom quilting in the blocks - so far there's a lot of straight lines to contrast the pebbles, and I love the texture!

18. I am going to make another dress for Mia: pattern - check; fabrics - check; needles - check. Just need the nerve now - I've never worked with knit fabrics before.

19. I also have a few joint projects that are now with me to finish. These are projects where my mother -in-law pieces the top and I quilt it. The first is a finished top that has been sitting round since before Christmas. This one will just get an all-over stipple I think. But I could leave the red blocks unquilted....?

20. The second of these quilts was finished just after Christmas. I still thinking on quilting ideas for this, but I think I want to leave the batik strips unquilted. Maybe I should quilt it in a less dense version of my Slivers cushion. I would love to share a picture here, but it's still packed in a box somewhere following the move. So the first challenge is finding it! I have found the fabric to bind it.

21. And the third such joint quilt is (hopefully) in the same box. It's also tumbler blocks, but with a music theme.

22. I also have those finishes which will take all of half an hour, but which I've been putting off and putting off: I made Mia two towels and bought a third and the flannel to finish this off too.

23. And Mia's french knot hoop is so close - I need to add felt to the back and maybe some green leaves embroidered on it too... we'll see. I should also probably hang these hoops... and I have loads of ideas for more

24. And I cut the fabrics for a flying geese quilt. Well some of them. I think I need more, or I need to change the goal to a cushion.

I think I'd better stop there, really....
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Leanne said...

It's a fantastic list!

Myra @ Busy Hands Quilts said...

I'm exhausted reading your list!

Cut&Alter said...

Wow!!! What a list. I spy some beautiful fabric and projects in that list - but when are you ever going to sleep?!