Wednesday, 1 July 2015

WIP Wednesday [bits and pieces]

In between my recent flurry of finishes (Mia's cat quilt and a second baby quilt plus a few I haven't shared yet), I've been doing bits and pieces and flitting between lots of different projects. I've finished panel 1 of the My Small World quilt. I'm still really tempted to make this bigger.

I find that I am over thinking the colour/fabric choices for this and I need to just pick out a fabric and run with it, and not try to be so keen to stop similar colours from being next to each other. On the other hand I am so pleased with how my needle-turn applique came out - Now I want to do a whole quilt of orange peels!

I have 80 half square triangles to press and trim  - I'll put that off for a bit.

And I've finished the hand piecing for the hand-pieced mini swap. I need to rethink the background as what I had in mind really doesn't work!

My final piece of news for this week's WIP Wedneday is that Laurie Aaron Hird, who wrote the Farmer's Wife Sampler Quilt, has a new book out - the Farmer's Wife 30s Sampler Quilt. My copy is due to arrive tomorrow and I am so excited to start this!

There's no official WIP Wednesday this week, but I'd already written most of this post before I saw...

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Lin said...

Shame on you putting off all that pressing and trimming!!